Second Creative Residency in Albania

The 2022 creative, artistic residency organised within the ARTECH project in Gjirokastra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was a unique event, as it brought together international artists and makers, giving them access to create and learn, inspired by the heritage of the “stone city”, through direct discovery and living, through direct collaboration with local artisans and artists, in a direct contact with the historic centre area.

The second edition of the residency aimed to have also museum curators, heritage officers, creative writers as participants. It took place between 22 and 28 May 2022 in the historic centre of Gjirokastra, including the castle and mainly the old bazaar where local makers operate.

Following the 2021 edition, the artists and participants had the opportunity to learn from the stone city’s heritage, crafts, daily life, legends, oral histories, in order to create and co-create an object or theme related to creation and the heritage.

Several visits were organised to the locals and their activities, crafts, cooking, traditional ways of living etc. Talks were realised with a local architect restorer to speak about the challenges of safeguarding the stone city, local masters of woodcarving and traditional costumes, artisan women etc. to learn from their experience and exchange ideas with our artists.

The residency was attended by participants from Albania, Spain, Romania and Italy, Ukraine, Greece, Israel and North Macedonia.

Our photo gallery offers a glimpse into the residency’s atmosphere and showcases some of the creations.