Call for application. Creative residency in Albania

Art camp (residence) Albania
Place: Gjirokastra Historic Centre UNESCO town
Time: 21-27 June 2021
Deadline for applications: 05 June 2021, via email at

This is a call open to artists, creators, architects, makers and designers and alike both national and international, to take part in the ARTECH Creative camp, from the 20-27 June 2021 in the historic center of Gjirokastra in Albania. This camp is organized in the frame and spirit of the ARTECH project and similar to previous activities developed by the Gjirokastra Foundation. It aims at the exchange between the ARTECH partners, and the selected participants.

In preservation of the spirit of ARTEC 2015-2017of Transylvania Trust, good examples and operas of this can be used and replicated or inspire our participants in the camp.

The art, creative tools and solutions that the participants and our partners will bring and develop in the project aim at:
● Participants develop art projects or projects ideas in historic center of Gjirokastra
● Production of ideas how public spaces, the historic buildings, and in particular the attractions, abandoned sites etc. can be regenerated
● Make local artisans and artists benefit in new concepts, and new modern approaches in their daily work and production
● Developing the particular interests of GF for the paintings and wall paintings of late ottoman period which are at high risk of loss in the area. Artists may work in copying and replicating them while keeping in mind the old techniques
● Art projects development together with local artisans, working in the textile industry, wood and stone etc.
● How art and artisans can match and what they can benefit from one another (this is very important as there is avoid in this relationship)
● Developing ideas and products of visual performing art, video making, multimedia are welcomed

The art camp will combine both site visits and meetings with the local artists and craftspeople, and foresee time for prototyping and working directly with their operas and productions.
The participants will live for 7 days residing in the historic center of Gjirokastra, directly in contact with the context, local groups, associations and citizens. Through a series of fieldworks, local-led tours and meetings with the community organized by the local
partner and with the involvement of different actors, the participants will have the opportunity to co-create artistic projects and project ideas, designs, opera etc.

Situated in southern Albania, Gjirokastra is an authentic hidden gem where people can live an immersive experience and breathe history. The ART camp offers a unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable enriching experience in the historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as “the city of stone”, and a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town. Its main feature consists of exceptional examples of vernacular architecture: hundreds of Ottoman period tower family houses with distinctive stone roofs, wooden balconies and whitewashed stone walls. Dominated by the sheer flanks of its vast castle, Gjirokastra is a magical city with a tumultuous past. From feudal stronghold to Ottoman jewel, the city has known many rulers throughout history and has inspired poets, authors and artists. For 20 years the Gjirokastra Foundation is working with the local community and main stakeholders to keep this unique site alive and to protect its heritage as a good base for social and economic development.

1. Application form – ARTECH
2. CV (Details like address, etc. must be included) / Portfolio (if present) not more than 5 MB * please send all in one document.
3. Concept of project idea specifying the involved disciplines (e.g. arts, architecture, technology, crafts)
*** There are limited places for the art residence which cover the expenses. Other interested applicants will be responsible for their costs and pay a registration fee.
The Art Camp residency is part of project ARTECH. Arts, Rediscovery, Traditions, Eclectic, Contemporary, Heritage, implemented by Transylvania Trust and its partners: Archikidz, Gjirokastra Foundation and Comarca del Maestrazgo, co-financed by the Creative
Europe programme of the European Union. Part of the project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation through the Solidarity Culture Program

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