Workshop for Cultural Operators – online

Due to the worldwide pandemic and various travelling restrictions regarding European countries, the partnership of ARTECH decided to organise the Spanish Workshop for Cultural Operators online, on 24 February, with the participation of the partners’ representatives. Although we all know that online meetings do not substitute live meetings and profound exchanges between cultural operators and members of the cultural sector in general, we were glad that the workshop could take place, as the presentations proved to be gripping and educational, and the following discussions lively and useful in terms of exchanging knowledge and experience.


The title of the workshop was On How to Apply Modern Trends to Cultural Heritage Education and Communication, with the following presentations:

10:00 Adriana German, assistant at Comarca Maestrazgo: Innovation on Cultural Heritage Management through Some Examples: Castle, Public Space, Convent, Monuments, Traditions.

11:30 Rocío Garriga, fine arts lecturer at Valencia University: Dissemination of Cultural Heritage through Contemporary Art Practices: Education, Community, Collaboration.

12:30 Laura Monforte, director at schools CRA Alto Maestrazgo: Educational Interventions in the school Environment through Art and Creativity.


The lectures held during the Workshop for Cultural Operators in Spain, as well as during the workshops organised previously in Romania and Albania will be edited and made public via a Handbook, in the hopes that other cultural operators might find the approaches, strategies and case studies informative in terms of the development and promotion of heritage sites and cultural heritage.