Workshop for cultural operators in Romania

Part of a set of workshops, de event organised in Romania was host by Transylvania Trust and implied the participation of partner’s representatives and invited cultural operators from Cluj. The aim of the workshop is the capacity building of participants, the facilitation of international cooperation, the development of new audiences of the built heritage by identifying new methods and strategies.
The Romanian workshop organised at Cluj-Napoca between 27-28 February 2020 was led by Camelia Crișan, trainer and university lecturer. The programme after a short gamified introduction started from a preliminary evaluation of interest and expectation. The methodology of heritage management represented by the trainer is based on design thinking, and the participants had the opportunity to learn about this concept, to try and explore small project ideas from every partner-country and from every organisation represented from Spain, Albania, Ukraine and Romania. The participants developed their own project ideas meanwhile they discovered 4 historic and cultural objectives in Cluj-Napoca. The results of the workshop are explicit and useful for each participant, because these are related to specific historic site, specific local problems to be resolved, such as the development of cultural packages for visitors, the facilitation of access for visitors to historical sites, the design and implementation of an interactive exhibition or the improvement of cultural experiences.