Second Creative Residency in Spain

The second creative residency in Spain organised within the ARTECH project was implemented between 18 and 24 July 2022, in Tronchón, a small and beautiful locality in Spain full of history and traditions. The objective: learning and creating, reinterpreting heritage in a novel way and through a contemporary perspective, creating value and activating the traditions and resources that are encompassed in local heritage, elevating and showcasing this heritage-based creative endeavour at an international level. As it happened in the previous encounter, celebrated last year in Cantavieja, locals played a key role in this co-creative process.

The ARTECH creative residency was aimed at artists, artisans and creators interested and concerned about the reinterpretation of historical values, territory and society through new narratives, spaces and forms. The artworks can be viewed on the Museo Virtual del Maestrazgo, but our image gallery also shows some key moments and creations.