Transylvania Trust

Heritage Day for Schoolchildren

We have been organising this event since 2008, engaging children and young people in order to raise their awareness regarding the importance of heritage conservation. The participants are invited, but the event can also be organised upon request.

During the interactive event, children learn about the history and everyday life of the Bánffy family and their residence in Bonțida through extracurricular activities. They can explore the castle’s building history on a guided tour, and they learn in a playful manner about the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicist, and Neo-Gothic architectural styles by identifying their characteristics on the building ensemble. They get a glimpse into the world of historical dances. The programme is complemented by a drawing and handicraft workshop, along with exploring the grass-covered courtyard and playing with the outdoor “horse family”, namely a playground with wooden rocking horses, and with the sun swings.