Presenting the ARTECH Catalogue!

We are proud to announce that we have published the catalogue of artworks created during the artistic residencies of 2021 and 2022 held in Albania, Spain and Romania in collaboration with our partners.

ARTECH – Arts, Rediscovery, Traditions, Eclectic, Contemporary, Heritage proposed to create bridges between arts and traditional crafts, connecting contemporary modalities of artistic expression with the roots of cultural identities and with European heritage. Thus, all of the artistic residencies focused on cultural heritage as source of inspiration, context for creation and means of expression (in terms of techniques, motifs, history, message etc.), giving the basis, the raw material that young and not so young artists and creatives could then mould according to their own visions, experiences and intentions.

If you leaf through the catalogue, you’ll see envisioned various themes conceptualised in various ways and materialised through various methods, illustrating the multi-faceted character of our European heritage and the multitude of modalities in which this heritage can be grasped and reinterpreted.

The catalogue is completed with a very specific creation: the Experience Room at Bánffy Castle, Bonțida, an installation that uses AR and VR technologies to relate a heritage-inspired story aimed at audiences of all ages.

You can download the Catalogue here!