Open Day at Bánffy Castle and inauguration of the Experience Room

Join us on Saturday, 22 October 2022, at Bánffy Castle, Bonțida, for a unique celebration of cultural and built heritage. We are organising an open day with exhibitions, guided tours and a classical music concert. The day will also include the inauguration of the Experience Room, an artistic installation created during 2022 that uses augmented and virtual reality technologies to offer visitors an immersive experience in the atmosphere of the past, complemented by a virtual recreation of Bánffy Castle’s library.

Programme of the Open Day:

11.00: inauguration of the Experience Room artistic installation

11.30: presentation of the Crafting Stories exhibition

12.00: classical music concert

13.00: guided tour of the castle in Romanian – starting from the gate

15.00: guided tour of the castle in Hungarian – starting from the gate


From 12 o’clock, the walls of the castle will echo the musical notes of the waltz Pas banale composed by Count Miklós Bánffy, in an arrangement by Daniel Patrick Cohen, performed by Alexandra Făgărășan (piano), Adela Hania Moldovan (cello) and Mihai Oșvat (viola).

Concert programme:

Miklós Bánffy – „Pas Banale”, waltz, arrangement for viola, cello and piano – 5′

Daniel Patrick Cohen – Bánffy versus DPC – 4′

Edvard Grieg – Gratitude for piano – 4’30”

Max Reger – Suite No. 3 for solo viola, p. 1 – 4′

Daniel Patrick Cohen – 3 songs from the album We Deliver, arrangement for trio – 4′

Dmitri Shostakovich – Prelude for viola, cello and piano – 3’30”

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy – Song without words op. 142, No. 2 for cello and piano – 5′


Photo credits: Tamás Ágnes