HeritageKids at Bánffy Castle!

Extending the Ukrainian experience of ArchiKidz in Romania; Bánffy Castle, Bonțida played host to two events organised with the name of HeritageKids, aimed at raising awareness and understanding towards cultural, and in this case especially built heritage in a playful manner through site-specific, interdisciplinary and interactive extracurricular activities managed by experienced animators.

We were visited by two groups of primary school children from the János Zsigmond Unitarian High School in Cluj, with whom we spent two days full of excitement and adventures: we learned about different architectural styles in a playful way, with the aid of a treasure-hunt, identifying their characteristics on the castle walls, we tasted delicious teas and pastries during a workshop on tea culture, we were introduced into the world of historical dances, after which, during a storytelling, drawing and handicrafts workshop, the children shared their experiences and impressions of the castle with each other, with us and with their families.

A special feature of these days was testing the Experience Room that we are finalising at the castle, through which we gained a unique insight as to what children would like to see, hear and experience here, because heritage is not only for the adults, and experiencing heritage through new means and technologies should be a meaningful experience for all.