Creative Residency in Spain

The first Spanish creative residency of the ARTECH project took place between 12 July and 18 July 2021 in Cantavieja, with the participation of 17 artists from Spain (Zaragoza, Navarra, Valencia, Teruel, as well as from the Maestrazgo Region), Albania and Romania.

The work was organised based on the knowledge of the cultural heritage of Cantavieja, thus the artistic pieces were made by taking into account the urban environment and integrating the artistic values of the architectural and cultural heritage of the settlement. The staff of the region carried out advisory work and provided content on tangible and intangible heritage. Several guided visits were made to Tronchón and La Iglesuela del Cid.

The professor and artis Rocío Garriga was in charge of directing the works and coordinating the artists and teams created. The photographer and chronicler of the residency was Xavi Alcacer, who was also responsible for the residency’s visual identity.

During the residency, two crafts workshops were also organised in Cantavieja: basketry (20 participants x 3 days) and ceramics (20 participants x 2 days). The teachers were two specialists: Carmen Igual from the Vila Rubei ceramic workshop in Villarroya de los Pinares and Jorge Lanzuela, an expert in basketry and traditional clothing. Both workshops were also attended by the locals and the final pieces were integrated into the artistic project. The last day of the residency was dedicated to visiting the settlement and the created artworks, inviting residents as well as tourists.

We invite you to take a look at some of the artistic works created.

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