Creative Residency at Bánffy Castle, Bonțida, Romania – second week and artworks

While the first week was dedicated to learning, contemplating and planning, during the second week the creations, the transposition of thought into matter increasingly took shape. The second week was thus dedicated to craftwork, to problem-solving, logistical issues and work, work at a rapid pace, to have everything ready by the end of the week.

The works reflect on the history of the place, on the different layers of time and meaning, on perception and reality, on the unseen aspects of its past… let’s take a look at the resulting works and installations.


Layers of Time

Concept: Kateryna Kuzmuk and Daria Shkurupii



Concept: Valbona Fejza and Liridona Ura


Take my Lead

Concept: Valbona Fejza and Liridona Ura


Crossover Bánffy Castle

Concept: Daniel Vera


Life Sign

Concept: Daria Langa


Breaking Silence

Concept: Alba Lagares Olague


Photo credits: Kalló Angéla