Transylvania Trust


Transylvania Trust, Romania

The project’s leader is Transylvania Trust, an NGO with 20 years of experience in heritage conservation, management, education and awareness raising. The Trust is managing the grade-A listed building, Bánffy Castle, Bonțida – one of the largest castle complexes in Romania.

Commarca del Maestrazgo, Spain

The Department of Cultural Heritage of El Maestrazgo Region in Spain is a public institution. Its aim is the development of innovative activities adapted to the rural environment, contributing to the conservation, research, and promotion of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, in the 15 towns of the region.

ArchiKidz, Go, Ukraine

Archikidz, Go promotes the development of creative thinking for future generations by popularising architecture and urbanism through a children’s festival, with the aim to foster the idea of living in urban areas more conscious of itself, its riches, its diversity and its uniqueness in the minds of children and families. The purpose of Archikidz is to provide children the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of an architect and expose them to questions and problems in their universe, with a professional to guide them.

Gjirokastra Foundation, Albania

One of the most prestigious NGOs in Albania operating in the cultural heritage field, the Foundation has experiences and competences in: Culture heritage preservation and development for Gjirokastra UNESCO city and its region. In the recent years the foundation has implemented activities and projects which have aimed at: sustainable economic regeneration, by supporting new cultural businesses based on culture heritage; Utilization of Culture Heritage as a useful tool for the economic development; traditional skills related to the conservation and revitalization/development of heritage. The key activities include revitalisation projects and re-use of built heritage such as artisan shops, guest houses, cultural venues, support for new businesses in the historic centre etc. Recently, the Foundation is working to make Gjirokastra a place which is accessed not only by the local artists and artisans, but also internationally. This transnational circulation of culture and creative works using the roots of Gjirokastra heritage is very important for the Foundation and in the context the European diverse values in heritage.