The aim of this project is to develop and promote European heritage and cultural diversity in a creative and collaborative way through transsectorial and innovative practices.

Project objectives

Rediscovery of traditional themes and ways of creative and artistic expression as an inspirational drive for young artists and creators in the multicultural context of European identity, represented by its heritage as legacy to the European Year of Cultural Heritage;

Employment of new technologies in design for 4 built heritage areas, transfer of know-how and exchange of expertise for capacity building and education of the cultural operators with an emphasis towards placing the traditions in a modern cultural European-relevant context.

Assuring the transnational mobility of cultural operators, artists, craftsman, creators and makers and their creation for a better understanding of cultural diversity and social inclusion.


The aim of the project is to target a very wide section of society in promoting art, crafts and new, digital ways of expression through the implementation of a series of diverse activities which will involve professional and amateur artists and creators, who will promote their skills through transnational exchanges, and who will engage with audiences initially at a local level and afterwards at European level. Specifically this will involve:

  • Artists/creators and craftsmen/makers at the beginning of their career from countries participating in the project;
  • Young artists from Arts and Design Universities/Colleges;
  • Young craftsmen and pupils from the Vocational Schools;
  • Students engaged in environmental, architectural and artistic studies;
  • Children and schoolchildren in each of the partner countries;
  • Cultural operators involved in heritage activities;
  • International audiences and members of the public.

The project idea continues the previous ARTEC-project. More details: