ARTECH Travelling Exhibition in Madrid, Spain

The creative residencies organised in 2021 and 2022 in three different countries (Albania, Spain and Romania) resulted in various artistic creations that explore the relationship between arts, crafts, traditions, heritage on the one hand, and contemporary vision and techniques on the other. Some of them are larger installations, and thus cannot be moved, but smaller artworks are more mobile, and thus can be shared with and celebrated by an international audience in various locations throughout Europe.

This stands at the basis of the ARTECH Travelling Exhibition, which showcases a selection of these artistic creations, completed by the booklet of the Experience Room set up at Bánffy Castle, Bonțida, which evokes, with the aid of AR technology, the imagined daily life of an aristocratic family.

The first stop of the exhibition will be the Romanian Cultural Institute in Madrid (1 Plaza del Cordon, bajo drcha.), opening on 8 November 2022, 19.00.

We invite all of our friend from Madrid to join us in celebrating heritage!