Transylvania Trust

Arts, Rediscovery, Traditions, Eclectic, Contemporary, Heritage – ARTECH

Project coordinator: Transylvania Trust Foundation

Partners: Commarca del Maestrazgo, Spain; Gjirokastra Foundation, Albania; Archikidz, Ukraina.

Co-financed: by the Creative Europe programme, of the European Union


The project proposes to create bridges between arts and traditional crafts, connecting contemporary modalities of artistically expression with the roots of cultural identities and with the European heritage.

We will build on the previous ARTEC project (2015-2017) supporting cooperation and co-creation, and we will use this successful experience as inspiration for other cultural operators and historic sites meanwhile expanding the activity of the Arts and Crafts Centre, creating a strong community of artists and creators, and focusing on young audiences. The results of the project (artwork, creative installations, new media tools and the Experience Room) are very attractive for the audiences, especially for the youth, and they explore heritage sites as an added value of the project.

The aim of the project is to develop and promote European heritage and cultural diversity in a creative and collaborative way through trans-sectorial and innovative practices. This project embraces the concept that the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works, combined with the mobility of cultural operators, performers and artists has an immeasurable capacity in promoting understanding and diversity within the European Union.

The project will focus on combining artistic innovation, crafts skills, traditional and new technologies, will strongly reinforce the ability and capability of cultural/creative players (artists, creators, tech-savvies, makers with different disciplinary background) to operate internationally through understanding new skills/artistic techniques, being given the opportunity to transpose those to culturally varied situations.

The project involves participants from at least 8 countries and will offer opportunities to young and innovative artists/creators/craftsmen/performers/makers to enhance personal abilities and international networking/professional career development, will engage also children, young audiences and, their families in heritage-related activities.