Built Heritage Conservation Training

Built Heritage Conservation Training

Built heritage is more than just old houses, castles, churches, museums - they are “living” evidence of our past, culture, craftsmanship, history, lifestyle, etc. They were left to us as a legacy by our ancestors, to at least maintain them and to hand them over to the next generations.

Historic buildings need care and attention (and about how we try and teach this one can read in the next pages), but they offer benefits in return – they add value to our life in so many ways.

They contribute to a “human” environment, a space to live, work, relax in – to enjoy.  Through tourism, trade, cultural activities they bring regeneration to a region, by creating new workplaces, market for local products and services.

This book contains a series of lectures, presented at the training courses organized by the Transylvania Trust and Institute of Historic Building Conservation at the International Built Heritage Conservation Training Centre at Bánffy castle, Bonşida. The authors are extremely grateful to all those who contributed to this book, and hope that through their work they could help in spreading the message: we have to maintain our heritage for the future generations, and we need to do that in a professional way.

Project Directors: David Baxter, Csilla Hegedüs

Cluj, 2010