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07 april 2012

We have outstandingly good contacts with the National Office of Cultural Heritage (Hungary), IHBC, US/ICOMOS, Europa Nostra, British Council, French Cultural Centre and the Slovak National Board for Historic Monuments Protection. These contacts were manifested in the joint organization of several programs.

- We cooperate with the National Office of Cultural Heritage, Hungary in several programmes;
- Our colleagues participated at the ENNHO General Assembly and Conference in Antwerp within the European Exchange Programme;
- The exchange programme between the foundation and US/ICOMOS ensures a great satisfaction for both partners in every year, the American and Transylvanian colleagues take part in a useful exchange of experiences for three month in Transylvania, respectively the United States;
- Within the framework of the Slovak-Romanian exchange programme mural painting restorers from Slovakia held laboratory presentations in Cluj for their Transylvanian colleagues, and the Trust representatives shared their knowledge in historic structure theory with those interested in Slovakia;
- In 2001 the Transylvania Trust adhered to the Europa Nostra Pan-European Federation for Heritage, and its general assembly elected Árpád Furu as a member of the Europa Nostra Council; he is also one of the twelve members of the Heritage Awards Jury for four year;
- During our EU projects we created partnerships with several South-East European organisations: Cultural Heritage without Borders, Butrint Foundation, Dubrovnik Preservation Foundation, Expeditio, Emancipimi Civil Ma Ndryshe and Europa Nostra Serbia;
- In 2010 we became the partners of École d’Avignon, Center of Training for the Rehabilitation of Architectural Heritage from France, cooperating within a EU project including partners and organisations in this field from Portugal - In Cidades Association, Institute for Public Management (IGAP) - and Romania as well - University of Architecture and Urbanism „Ion Mincu”, Bucharest, National Institute of Heritage (INP);
- Csilla Hegedüs, the executive director of the Foundation, is the member of the European panel of independent experts nominated to select and monitor the sites applying for the “European Heritage Label”;
- The Foundation is the member of several European networks dealing with Culture and Heritage:

- We collaborate with the experts of the Czech Academy of Sciences in the phd training within the framework of a common research programme.


Project coordinator: Foundation Board of Directors


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