The restoration workshop is finished

08 september 2017

The educational programme of the Transylvania Trust, aimed at students in the fields of architecture, structural engineering, landscape architecture, archaeology, art history, craftsmen in the construction industry, as well as other interested people, was held between 30 July and 13 August 2017. The goal of the workshop organised at Bánffy Castle, Bonŝida, is to revive and train in traditional crafts in the field of construction, in an intercultural context.

For the two weeks of the workshop, 30 participants arrived from Romania (20), Hungary (4), Austria (2), Germany (1), Luxembourg (1), Greece (1), and the United States (1), who learned about the theoretical principles and methodology of investigation and restoration through lectures held by university professors and specialists from the country and the UK. Two practical workshops were held, one in the field of masonry and another in joinery. The result of the workshop was: structural interventions on masonry structures, rebuilding a vault in the main building, learning mural painting techniques, and restoring old furniture pieces. The attendees also participated in a study field trip, visiting the Turda Salt Mine and the recently restored Sic Reformed Church.

The event was supported by: The Department for Interethnic Relations – Romania, Communitas Foundation, Cluj County Council, The National Cultural Fund – Hungary.

Find out more about the programme’s implementation on the Castle’ Facebook page.


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