Open Day: Open Your Eyes!

12 september 2012

Within this Open Day, the Transylvania Trust will organise a series of activities at the Bánffy Castle of Bonþida. The objective of the activities is to introduce contemporary cultural themes to the castle for the promotion of art and the enjoyment of the public.

The buildings of the castle ensemble define important historical spaces where the historical heritage and architecture can be enhanced through contemporary art. Visitors are invited to attend this unique spatial experience through which the sad shadows of the past will be eliminated by dynamic lights and white surfaces.

Thus, on the 16th of September 2012 the castle will provide the setting for an evening performance of light and shadow. In this regard Atelier MASS proposes a series of art installations using materials and methods of minimal intervention. The lightweight materials and fragility of their form will vie with the solidity of the brick and stone mass of the castle buildings offering contrast of form and texture. The installations will include the introduction of a textile veil which will cross the rooms of the castle, passing through doors and windows, in a gesture of exploration, warmth and acquaintance. White, lighted polystyrene triangles will hang from arches or float on the lake, creating an invasion of the new and combining with the existing. Ambient lighting, building mapping, abstract geometric objects and surfaces will create a visual sensation breathing new life into the ruins of the old castle. The textures and colours will offer a visual contemporary language to enhance the structures and spaces.

The event will begin with an introduction to the history of Bánffy Castle, starting at 17.00 through a guided tour in Romanian and at 18.00 in Hungarian. A photo exhibition entitled "Fortifications, castles, mansions" will be open throughout the day in the Miklós building. After dark, artistic installations will dominate the courtyard and the interior spaces of the castle, and the projection mapping on one of the buildings will complete the day, from 21:00.

The entrance is free.  

Organizer: Transylvania Trust
Visual Concept: Atelier MASS
Projection Building Mapping: Zotikos viSKIN (Ioan Mihai Baba, Raluca Agachi, Alexandra Suciu)
Technical Support: Byron Audiovisual Events
Co-worker: Oana Cãrean
Volunteers: Andrei Durloi, Iulia Galinescu, Diana Galoș, Marina Melenti, Mariana Novosivschei, Diana Oniț, Fabiana Panait.  

Programme funded by the European Union


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