Transylvania Trust

The Bánffy Castle of Bonțida – Past, present, future

This book about the past, present and future plans for the castle appeared in 2009. The editors aimed to reveal important events which have affected the castle, and which continue to influence its development today.

The revitalisation of Bánffy Castle, Bonţida, is the concept of a non-governmental initiative, which protects the built environment, and which has managed to achieve more than some governmental organisations.

We are grateful for the financial support of the National Cultural Fund, Hungary, in assisting in the publication of this book.

Editors: Hegedüs Csilla, David Baxter, Furu Árpád

Short History of the Castle
Count Miklós Bánffy and his family
The Court D’Honneur
The Main Building
The Kitchen Building
The Miklós Building
The Park and the Mill
Restoration through Conservation Training
Events in the Castle

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