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Open courses 4: The energy efficiency of buildings in Romania

Published: 12.12.2018 5:33 PM

Impact Hub, Cluj, 24.11.2017

4. The energy efficiency of buildings is a necessity in Romania, ensuing from the contemporary needs of comfort and the directives of the European Union. In many cases these steps are applied without any discernment to historic buildings as well, without the appropriate methodology, technical norms, and materials (it is sufficient to think about the insulation of façades with polystyrene and the consequences thereof), along with the lack of professional capacity. The proposed topic discusses issues related to meeting this need for comfort without damaging heritage values, the impact of European directives, and to local efforts to increase adaptability to change.

Andrei Ceclan, engineer, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Electrotechnical Department;
Dorin Beu, PhD, engineer, president of the Romanian Green Building Council;
Eugen Pănescu, architect, Planwerk and the Architects’ Council of Europe