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Open courses 1: Metropolitan Area – Reinventing Villages, Vernacular Heritage

Published: 10.12.2018 12:39 PM

Impact Hub, Cluj, 26.10.2017

1. Metropolitan Area – Reinventing Villages, Vernacular Heritage
The built heritage of historic urban centres enjoys a certain degree of protection, while the peripheries and the and rural settlements in the outskirts are often neglected, a process that leads to the disappearance of traditional households, as they are replaced by modern buildings. The topic gives rise to discussions about the possibilities of preserving this heritage, knowledge, as well as regarding its revitalisation, so that they correspond to the way of life and standards of today’s society. At the same time, it is desirable to find solutions that would hinder the disappearance of essential cultural values, caused by tensions between traditional and modern, urban and rural.

Guests: Furu Árpád, engineer; Péter Mónika, deputy mayor of Sâncraiu