Transylvania Trust

The restoration of the main building and of the court d’honneur

The first phase of the project The restoration of Bánffy Castle, Bonțida and its use as a training workshop launched on 24 December 2018 consisted of procedures regarding planning and acquiring the necessary permits. Archaeological and art history research, 3D scans and surveys were an integral part of this process. In the meantime, the removal of the collapsed vaults and debris, as well as the preparation of the areas for the renovation works was started. In 2019, following the reinforcement of the main building’s cellar level, the reconstruction, partial restoration, reinforcement and securing of the arches and vaults continued on the ground floor as well. The winter weather conditions have slowed down the masonry restoration work as, in order to use the lime-based mortar professionally, the optimal temperature values for the lime must also be taken into account. At the same time, we managed to start manufacturing the main building’s wooden window frames.
A building permit was obtained for the carriage house of the court d’honneur, and the removal of the ruins and debris began as well. This part of the building is ready for restoration; we have requested a quote and are waiting for the works to begin.